Friday, March 12, 2010

Let the Message Dictate the Method

In deciding how to present your training topic it is always wise to let the message dictate your method of presentation. Some topics are best learned through an on-hands approach while others can be learned through a lecture approach. Now we know there are a number of ways to deliver information it is up to us to choose the most appropriate one.

The first thing you need to do is look specifically at what you are trying to achieve. Once you have decided what it is that you are trying to accomplish you then can look at the multitude of ways that this/these objective(s) can be transmitted to your student.

The more you can engage your student in the process the better the imprint of knowledge. You can do this by asking questions designed to make them think about what you have said, this is called the Socratic method, named after Socrates who asked probing questions of his students to get them to think and therefore gain an understanding.

Some topics require a physical component where the student actually participates or demonstrates a method or operation. Other topics can be presented just as effectively in a video mode or disguised as a video game.

So the method you use to present your material is dependent upon your objectives. If you know and understand your material then the choice of method will be easy.

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